When not installed correctly or sealed & caulk properly windows become vulnerable to water intrusion. Windows should have window wrap, kick-out flashing, and caulking around open areas. Windows become a risk point when one of these techniques is not executed.


When installing doors the procedures are specific and special materials need to be applied for the prevention of water intrusion. Doors are a transition point and need to be caulked, sealed and flashing needs to be applied to protect the building from exposed areas.


Penetrations are often over looked, these are exposed ares of a home ex) around vents, wiring, plumbing, etc. These exposed areas should have flashing liquid membrane applied and caulking to protect the exposed areas from moisture and water intrusion.


Flashing and kick-out flashing is an excellent tool that protects a home. Kick-out flashing redirects rainfall away from the cladding of the building to the gutters or away from the building. Flashing is applied to control the direction of the water not allowing water to penetrate beyond the exterior walls of a home.


Cracks are a visual sign that you need a stucco inspection. Cracks occur when there was an error in the installation of the stucco. Cracks become a risk when not sealed immediately, leaving the area exposed and vulnerable to water intrusion.


When painting a stucco home we suggest to use elastomeric paint. Elastomeric is a durable coat giving an extra layer of protection to stucco surfaces. This coat protects homes from wind driven rain, and acts as a waterproof system.


We have successfully completed an impressive variety of construction projects. Our inspection processes have significantly benefited from the experience we have gained in 5 years.

High areas?

We can reach the highest risk points with our scaffolding.



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